Who we are!

As the second generation, undertaking the continuation of the marble processing company founded in Kozani by our late father George Emmanuel Tsourdos in 1962, we, the successors, Emmanuel (Manos), Metrofanes (Fanis) and George Jr, started our activity at the general area of constructions with considerable participation at important works throughout Greece.

In 1992, with the aim of expanding our business, we decided to set up a representative store of Italian and other European furniture companies, which later evolved into an Agency, expanding the geographical area of interest to 6 countries.(Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania and Northern Macedonia).

In 2012, we set up an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the aim of developing the emerging local market with greater targeting and flexibility. In 2018, we established an office in Florence, Italy, in order to provide, on the one hand, a more detailed and comprehensive service to our existing clientele, and on the other hand, promoting to the international market the range of products we have created through years of experience and efforts.

``You can't use up creativity!
The more you use, the more you have``

Maya Angelou


What we do!

Our office is active in two main areas:


Representation of Italian and European furniture, decorative and lighting fixtures brands. We are aiming at professionals in the field of furniture, decoration and lighting. Working with us offers a range of products and services.

– Wide range of products in modern contemporary or classic line in a variety of materials that can meet all of your customer requirements
– Support in communicating with factories without the problem of foreign languages
– Checking and forwarding your orders
– Monitoring the progress of your order
– Direct invoicing from factory to retailer without extra costs of middlemen and without VAT (EU Countries)
– Special prices and discounts on exhibition products
– Up-to-date information on new trends in fashion and design
– Participation in major exhibitions
– Supply of promotional material
– Studying, designing and supervising the creation of new showrooms upon request
– Training for presenting of all products

Knowledge, experience, reliability, quality, speed and affordable prices are the right combination for strong and efficient partnerships.



– Managing to have a wide range of materials from the best sources of every sector
– Searcing and using only the best of them
– Offering always the best value for money
– Respecting the needs of every project
– Working only with the best craftmen
– Giving solutions based on the experience and the knowledge of our experts
– Respecting the scheduled project timelines

But most of all, loving our job, we can draw, supply, produce, construct, transport, build, install, fix anything from A to Z to your project.

Begin your next PROJECT!